So here is a photo of the bouquet I mentioned I was going to make in my last post, Pieces and Parts. I must admit that I'm into her moody romantic feel. She's all about being both light and dark - which I love because I think that's the way we all are. I'm all about that intersection right now. I know that's a little deep, but it's been on my mind lately - how flowers tell stories and so I'm just throwing it out there.

Anyway,  the grounds were overflowing with wild flowers in every imaginable color which was super inspiring so I wanted Leigh Anne's bouquet to reflect a little bit of that as well. I was able to make the bouquet on the grounds and was given permission to clip a few little odds and ends form the wildflower gardens there. Even some hellebores left over from early spring!  Lucky me... Photos by T. Scott Carlisle / Syling by  Ginny Au / Dress from Ivory and White