Pieces and Parts

There is nothing as fun as getting your hands on a fresh flower order you've been looking forward to working with. I usually try to make a little mini bouquet when I get flowers in so I can bond with the flowers before I start making anything for my clients. I actually made one earlier today but decided to run out the door with it and give it to my massage therapist, Kim, because I was running late...because I was making my mini bouquet. And so it goes. Anyway, I didn't get a chance to photographer her so I figured instead I'd just photograph some of my favorite ingredients for the bouquet that I will be making saturday.

This bouquet is all about how stark white,  pale peach, and light, light lemon sorbet yellow combine with deep moody greens and aubergine. I'm really excited about it. For some reason I'm really feeling mossy, deep, dark greens this week. Maybe after all the June weddings and all the pale muted tones of all that dusty miller and lamb's ear, I just want to get knee deep into some lush jungle green and splash around. I'll post a photo of the bouquet when she's finished.