Flowers for Jamey

Jamey loves anemones. How could she not? They're so cool with their blue black centers and delicate, almost translucent petals. They have a bit of a rep for being a little difficult to work with, but a bride wants what a bride wants in her bouquet and so you do your best to get it for her. This was the first bouquet I've ever made with anemones and I'm happy to report that they were more than cooperative, they were beautiful! I especially loved making the groom's boutonniere. I liked how the anemone and the little clipping from an ornithigalum arabicum flower complimented each other so well. And I especially dug using that bit of navy and white plaid ribbon that I found down at Oodles of Ribbon in Homewood. I love ribbon. Honestly, I have a bit of a ribbon moderation problem. I go to Oodles or Smiths for a few yards of this or that and inevitably end up buying about 87 yards of ribbon I probably don't even need but just couldn't resist. So, I have a ribbon problem - I can live with that. It could be a lot worse.

One thing that I think made the bouquets particularly pretty for Jamey's wedding was the lace that you can see overlapping the burlap wrap. It took me a while to find the right kind of lace - I think I have a bit of a lace problem too but won't bore you with those details - but I knew it when I saw it. I wanted it to have a bit of a ruffle to it so I hand-sewed each piece using a simple staight stitch and then pulled the string before knotting it so that the lace would gather. I think it turned out to be really sweet looking.

Thanks to Amanda Pair for these beautiful photos and to Ginny Au who styled this wedding out at The Sonnet House in Leeds.