Faux Magnolia

Originally, at the bride's request, I had planned on using a lot of magnolias for this wedding. That would have been fabulous if mother nature had not had other plans for her flowers. An early spring and subsequent blazing hot summer had the magnolias ahead of schedule so a couple of months back I realized I was going to have to get a Plan B together. I tried to preserve magnolias in about a dozen ways with no real success apart from drying out some of their cool furry little pods which I posted about a while back. At any rate, I love the way these gorgeous creamy peonies paired with the magnolia foliage captured the essence of a magnolia. I really adored how moody and romantic these flowers turned out to be. Very earthy, very enchanting, very expressive.  Incedently, I discovered the lovely Snow on the Mountain with this wedding. I'd never used it before and really fell for it's softness and whimsy. Enjoy.