New Orleans, Part II

Here is a look at some photos by Leslie Hollingsworth from a shoot I worked on with Ginny Au down around New Orleans. Collaborations like these are one of my favorite things to do. The act of collaborating is very dynamic and interesting to witness. Each artist brings a unique asthetic and set of skills to the table and what happens as a result of that can be pretty fascinating to watch. In order for a collaboration to be successful, each individual, in turn, must start to surrender a bit of creative control as they begin to bend their notes to one another, learning to trust the other's eye which creates a space for a body of work to develop that has no singular author. Not all artists are good collaborators. In all honesty, I think it can be really challenging because it forces you keep your ego in check and to be open to ideas that are not your own. I'd say that in general artists have a reputation for  being keenly aware of and rather comically eager to communicate their own genius, so working with others in this way has always encourged me to be more flexible and open and ultimately, I hope, helped to keep me from becoming a glory hound. All I know is, I sure couldn't have accomplished all of what you see in these photos by myself. With Leslie's skill as a photographer, Ginny's remarkable eye for detail and all things elegant, and the curious fact that despite 1000 degree heat 18 year old models don't seem to sweat, we were able to capture these beautiful moments as they unfolded along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain. So dreamy, so delicate, so ethereal.

One of the main reasons I was drawn to this shoot was opportunity to work in this location. I've always felt like New Orleans has such a uniquely captivating and oddly haunting sort of beauty that I think you can see reflected in these photos. It also might actually be the hottest place on earth so I'm glad I was able to work through my usual aversion to extreme heat and humidity and get on board. I'll never understand why, after growing up in Alabama and living here most of my life, I'm still caught off guard every summer by how hot it gets in The South. Being a part of this shoot also allowed me to come out of retirement and do a little hair and makeup which ended up being really fun. While doing hair never ended up being a particular passion of mine, I do love makeup. It really is so remarkably transformative. I am by no means one of those people who think women need to wear it all the time, but I am always impressed by how much it can do to draw out and frame a person's natural features. Anyway enough about blush, I hope you enjoy the photos.