The Princess Tree

Here are a few peeks at some of the flowers we did for a wedding last weekend with Rylee Hitchner and Ginny Au. I can't WAIT to see Rylee's photos of Ginny's gorgeously styled event. These photos were taken by my husband as we were scurrying around packing up all of the day's flowers for delivery.

So, I have a bit of a back story here that made doing these flowers all the more special to me. Last week I came across a princess tree while foraging. I was just able to clip a few of the green seed pods you can see in the bottom left of the arrangement above. The tree was a bit deeper into the woods than I had planned on going and on a steep incline. So getting a hold of the branches required some comical body positioning and came along with a horrifying realization that I was probably going to need to be checked for ticks afterwards. Anyway, as legend has it, in Japan, when a daughter is born, it is customary to plant a princess tree and then when she marries, the family cuts it down, has an item of remembrance carved out of it and gives it to the groom's family as part of her dowery. I loved incorportating this sweet tradition into this sweet bride's day.

This is my niece, Hailey, holding her first bouquet! She did it ALL BY HERSELF, even wrapped it, which I still find a little intense at times. I was so proud of her that I had to cry. She was so sweet all day and did an amazing job working with us. We hope she will come back. She told me the main thing she learned was how many cool plants and flowers you can find on the side of the road. That's my girl! Below are some photos of our studio.

Now, someone clean up this mess.