Ten thousand flowers later...

First of all, if you don't do flowers and then photograph them  in your Cary Grant pajamas, you should try it because not only is it comfortable and stylish, but I must say that nice blue color sets off a blush bouquet rather well, right?

Here come the bridesmaid bouquets. The sarah b. peonies almost made me start crying.

Nosegays for Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom...

Now for the arrangements. I just want to give a shout out to Laura London at Mayesh for TACKLING some folks out in California to score us 4 bunches of cafe au lait dahlias; the very first of the season. They took my breath away.

We really were just beside ourselves over these flowers. The nigella, the astrantia, the cafe au laits, the paula feys, the sarah bernhardts, the auswaters, even the queene anne we yanked from an empty lot down the street. Every stem inspired us. Makes me a little teary thinking about it... Done at last, Katie and I toasted to what we love the most - our lovelies, our girls, our flowers.

Special thanks to my sweet husband for taking these beautiful photos in less than a ten minute time span. He was patient while I was running around being a crazed pajama-clad dictator. Shoving arrangements at him in rapid succession. Semi-yelling at him not to drop them and rather obnoxiously demanding that he better remember to turn them while photgraphing them. (He is after all the only one of the two of us who is an actual professional photographer.) And then he helped me clean up. God bless a good husband.