Found Objects

Lord knows you never know what you're gonna find when you visit your local swimming hole down here in Alabama. You can't really imagine all that this implies, but for my purposes here, I'll just keep my descriptions to flora and fauna. For the record, I like to carry clippers and a bottle of water in my car just in case I need to pull off the side of the road and forage a few wild blooms. Well, today they sure came in handy. It was a bit of a wreck though because my husband and I had set off – him with an enormous old school large format camera and me with an old Hasselblad – to take some photos, NOT to climb around muddy creek banks in unwise shoes clipping flowers. Be that as it may, I sensed some good foraging karma so I shoved my clippers in my shorts pocket before we padded down to the swimming hole laden with camera gear. I'll spare you the details of how ludicrous we looked wading through thigh high water holding our cameras above our heads, sweating like wild pigs.

All could have gone off without a hitch had I not spied a really cool tree with hop-like blooms hanging from every branch that looked kind of liked super structured oragami amaranthus. ANYWAY, getting all caught up in the moment I sashayed across the creek, climbed up the bank, stretched out as far as I could, grabbed hold of  a few branches and clipped. Meanwhile, the 40 year old Hasselblad hung in the balance from my sweaty shoulder. Blooms in hand, I started back down the bank only to step into some very unkind mud which sent me careening toward the surface of the water. It was in this moment that I remembered the camera. Through some miracle of acrobatics, as I slid toward a watery grave, I managed to hold on to my flowers in one clenched fist while grabbing onto a tree branch with the other, all the while contorting my body such that the camera, rather than slipping off my shoulder and into the looming creek, slammed into my ear and balanced on the side of my head until I came to a stop and was able to regain my footing. Other than a few minor scrapes resulting in minimal blood loss, I and (most importantly to my husband I suspect) the Hasselblad came out unscathed. As did my flowers. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord!

Here are some photos of what I made today from found objects, mostly from the swimming hole  and a few things from my yard.