Sugar Magnolia

Around Easter, Katie and I noticed some really cool magnolia pods, or buds, or whatever you actually call them, starting to appear around the neighborhood. They were so curious and fuzzy that we decided to clip and dry some in hopes of using them in some upcoming wedding arrangements. I wired them to hanger, put them in a closet for several weeks and voila! here they are. They shrunk a bit but their furry coats remained well preserved.

Here's the thing about magnolias. You know they are gorgeous and smell outrageous, you really do. But I think we've become so used to admiring them from a distance that we miss out some of their majesty. My point is, go get some clippers, stand up on your tip-toes, grab onto a magnolia branch, and clip off a bloom. Your first thought will probably be, my lord, this thing is enormous! It's hard to understand their true stature when observing them high up within the tree itself. Your next thought will be, my goodness this thing smells amazing! And truly, it does. Not surprisingly, I got a little obsessed with my magnolias yesterday. My entire house was filled with the aroma of lemony white flowers. I kept going over to them and just staring at them. And sniffing them. Finally I just got out the the tripod and macro lens. Above is the flower and the pod we preserved. Below some pretty ranunculus and roses we're gonna be using in a bouquet this weekend.