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So I keep writing about what I've learned this season and then deleting it because it sounds too snarky which isn't really a vibe I want to put out there today. (I'm trying to be positive.) Really I just want to give all of my florist friends a giant hug. It's been a busy summer and I know how we can get a little worn thin. I learned something in an Ikebana class the other day I'd like to share. There is an element to the practice of Ikebana called fruition. It is a kind of relaxation rooted in realizing that you cannot control all the aspects of a piece. An appreciation for the beauty and magic of nature. An understanding of the natural order and state of all life. And a knowledge that everything changes.

I think there is some kind of freedom in this. Letting go of some of the control. Letting the piece direct itself a little bit. Let it be a work in progress. Walk away if you're not connecting to it. Come back and see what it says to you. Don't force it. Be changeable.