Alys Beach


While sorting through my photos from Alys Beach I had a major realization about my life. And I'm not refering to the rather bleak one concerning my unfortunate lack of a white-washed, painfuly elegant beach house dripping in jasmine. What I'm really talking about and what, ultimately, I think would lead to a more profound sense of happiness and fulfullment in life than the mere obtainment of said beach palace (although I'm not totally convinced that such an aquisition wouldn't make me a smidge happier) really just boils down to frollicking. I simply don't do it enough. Barefoot. In the grass. Wind in my hair. Etc.

Coming in a close second to frollicking is, I'm pretty sure, languishing in my environment. Piggy-backing on that would be what my husband and I refer to as "doing Japanese studies of things". This involves the following: assuming a tranquil pose or perch suitable for keen observation, turning one's rapt attention to some particular object or another, for instance a ladybug, a citrus branch, a pattern in the woodgrain, what have you, and finally, if possible, an attempt to capture the essence of the object of study with a good camera.

After having frollicked and japanese studied all manner of things at Alys I found myself making daydream floral arangements to suit my dreamlike surroundings. A wedding at dreamy would that be? Parrot tulips and citrus branches, dahlias, ivy, poppy pods and ranunculus. Perhaps some coxcomb. Blueberry branch? Maybe in some really sleek cement containers. A bit asymetrical and negative space aware to accent the architecture. I can just smell the jasmine...