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Rosegolden Flowers / Holly Carlisle Photography Rosegolden Flowers / Holly Carlisle Photography

Rosegolden Flowers / Holly Carlisle Photography

Rosegolden Flowers / Holly Carlisle Photography

So lately I've found myself taking the Rosegolden show on the road more and more. It's an interesting process. Challenging. The logistics are much more complex than working in my city and out of my studio both of which I know so well. I can't say that logistical planning and organization are qualities that come naturally to me - I've had to train myself to think that way. As a kid I was often labeled "artsy" or "out to lunch". In fact my parents (in a very Royal Tenenbaums fashion) had me "evaluated" by a team of psychiatrists at a young age because they thought something was wrong with me. As it turns out, I was just a typical creative, a day dreaming middle child with an active imagination. You see, my grandfather was a general in the U.S Army. He was the most strategic thinker I've ever met. As a person who could rarely find my homework I often wondered how we were related. As odd as it may sound, it took doing flowers for me to discover that I had an inner general.

I think most good florists have a bit of a split personality - both an artist and a strategist. So much of the job is laying the logistical groundwork that allows you to create the end product. All I can say is that when I got into flowers I had no idea how good I would become at making spreadsheets. It's been a such an interesting journey. I spent years of my life as a creative person avoiding being organized because I believed it was antithetical to being artistic. But I've realized how that thinking was holding me back. Being more organized has made me a better artist. This is not to say I have perfected any of this. Do I still lose my keys daily? Yes. Do I know where my phone is at this moment? No. I'm still myself, just more structured. Basically my inner day dreamer and inner general are like totally best friends now. I think they make an alright team. Cheers.