A year ago this past June my team converged on the small mountain town of Highlands, NC for a very special wedding. With a NASA trucker hat on I drove a 26 foot reefer truck through lunchtime Atlanta traffic during a torrential thunderstorm then up narrow winding mountain roads until I steered her into the wrong parking lot at Highlands Country Club. I might have cussed a lot but I got it done. 

My team was incredible. A gang of flower assassins ready to rumble. From Brooklyn to Birmingham, we all came together to bring our bride's vision to life and to enjoy evening sky gazing on our grassy knoll tucked inside a fern gully in our backyard. We felt strangely anointed. I found a wild foxglove the first day and proclaimed it our spirit stick. A risky move considering it was fully bloomed out when I clipped it on a Tuesday. Each morning I would come downstairs and peer into the kitchen, fingers crossed hoping it was still alive and it always was. Magic. I learned a lot about magic on this trip and my need to find it and harness it wherever I am. 

I've always been this way. Intense. On the hunt for deeper meaning. A spiritual connection to our natural world. It's not the easiest path, but it's mine and I accept it. Sometimes our greatest gifts are the hardest parts of our personalities to navigate. So be it. I feel like I always end up saying this in my blog posts, but you've got to be yourself in this life. It's the only way to go.

That's when the magical foxglove start showing up. Trust me, it's cool.

Holly CarlisleComment