I think I forgot I had a blog. Whoops! Actually it just took me about 4 months to figure out how to make a blog post on my new website. I'm not very good at computers to be honest. Sorry. Not sorry? Here's the thing, you can't be good at everything. It's not healthy. Today I was trolling around Instagram and stumbled upon a hashtag #doeverything and I was like #nothanks. I don't think you need to be good at everything to be successful. I think you need to be really good at few key things. And perhaps more importantly you need to own those qualities and have confidence in them. Sometimes I think really owning your strengths and putting them to work for you is the hardest part. Because to do this you have to believe that you are indeed good at this or that and go around not only displaying that but many times verbalizing it as well in some way. 

It's oddly disconcerting to act and speak out of a place of total confidence because what if you come across as arrogant? Or worse, #bitchy? When I worry about these things I have to remind myself that a) arrogant people don't care how they come across b) people have hired me because I have a certain set of strengths and if go around being a shrinking violet I would essentially be doing my clients a disservice and c) don't call me a bitch, yo.

So basically I want to be good at being good at what I'm good at. I want to inspire the confidence of others and I want to inspire others to have confidence in themselves. This is especially important to me as a woman. I really feel like women are taught somewhere along the way to act shocked by their successes and to gracefully attribute them to someone else. Well, #nothanks.

So allow me to put my money where my mouth is. I did the flowers and the photography in these photos. They were featured here on Once Wed recently and I'm very proud of how it all turned out. I love flowers. And I love photography. And I'm good at doing both things. Actually, I think I'm good at something in particular that makes me good at both things and that is composition. So there. I've named a strength and owned it. Your turn.