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May, June and July  were crazy busy. Weddings, weddings, weddings, weddings, weddings. The whole time I was planning, coordinating, ordering, arranging, setting up, taking down, cleaning buckets, organizing ribbon, etc. I just kept thinking about how amazing August would be - my month off. Well, it's August and all I can think about is all the flowers I get to play with in September and October. Maybe I'm not so great at time off. Or maybe it's just been a rough month. A lot has gone on. My husky, Kobi,  passed away. Being unable to bear a silent house, I adopted another dog, Bella. On her second day as the newest member of the Carlisle pack, a rather large woman fell on her and broke her leg. Long story... She's ok, no surgery was necessary, although she isn't supposed to run or jump for 6 weeks. Did I mention she was a puppy? Needless to say, monitoring her has been challenging. But damn if I don't have a newfound respect for parents of toddlers! How do people do it?!

Basically, I've missed my flowers. And I'm sorry to say that for a minute here in August I rather forgot I had a blog to keep up with. My apologies!  Here are a couple of photos I took recently, styled by Ginny Au. We used  beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbon from her new line Frou Frou Chic. Check out her website. I adored these flowers. The clematis especially but let's not leave out the pulsatilla, the lilac, that gorgeous variegated ivy! And those kiera garden roses! Yes ma'am! That's what I'm talking about!

I hope you will all enjoy these last days of summer. And keep your eyes open and your clippers close! I just passed some wild clematis on a walk this morning. Gorgeous! My limping dog appears to be getting in trouble so farewell for now - I'll see you in September!