Under An Arbor

Rosegolden Flowers / The Reason I Love Photography

Rosegolden Flowers / The Reason I Love Photography

This wedding was really so much fun for me to work on. I LOVED Whitney, the gorgeous bride in the photos. She has great taste and a fabulous personality. I really felt like we connected from the beginning and that I understood how she imagined her wedding looking. One of the main components was an arbor. I LOVE arbors. They are so romantic and frame a couple so beautifully. This one, if I do say so myself, was perfection. It was very Whitney, which was important to me. I think that as a florist it is crucial to always be thinking of the bride when you are designing and creating her flowers. Sometimes it's tempting to just do what you love in that moment rather than do what the bride would love to see on her wedding day. It's a delicate balance  - trying to understand someone else's dream and interpret by using your own style as you make the flowers. I love it. Best wishes and congratulations to Whitney and Blake!

Venue: Swann Lake Stables

Coordination and Planning: Mariée Ami

Photography: The Reason I Love