Birmingham Botanical Gardens Plant Sale

So just in case you didn't know this, the Birmingham Botanical Garden Spring Plant Sale is a big ta-do. Katie and I thought we'd be whipsmart door busters and get there right on time. Appartently so did about half of the population of Birmingham. Good thing I brought my camera because otherwise I wouldn't have had anything to do while waiting in the extremely tiresome line to get in. Once we got our carts, Katie was off like a horse from the gate. I lolly-gagged around in a sea of stimulus finding it difficult to remember what I needed or even liked for that matter- the IKEA effect. So I just took some photos of people who appeared to be on more successful missions.

Eventually I got it together and managed to score some viburnum, hydrangea, pieres, mystic spirit dahlias, blue passion vine, tweedia, astor, hellebores and a few other treats I'm going to plant and pray over in my garden. I'm really just learning how to keep things alive. I have so much to learn and I'm looking forward to it.

Katie, clearly not as easily distracted, could barely steer her cart there at the end. I'm excited about her rhododendron.

Now it's time to go dig in the dirt.