Rosegolden Flowers/Carlisle Photography Rosegolden Flowers/Carlisle Photography

Rosegolden Flowers/Carlisle Photography

Winter. I don't know about anyone else but January always feels endlessly dreary to me. Nothing is blooming. All growth seems to have ground to a halt. Once verdant trees are barren and gnarly, their dried out skinny fingers reaching up to a unforgiving sky. Bleak. I find myself longing for spring. In mid-January I start checking my hellebore every morning to see if anything has bloomed and the other day one had raised its timid little head - also longing for spring. Hear hear, little one! Here is to the green! Here is to spring!

Lately I've spent more time talking about flowers than working with them. These months are prime wedding planning time and I'm grateful for that certainly. I just miss my big flower orders coming in like Christmas. Fortunately I've had a few for this and that event and had a chance to photograph some of my favorite blossoms that you see in the portraits above.

I like portraits. I like the idea of trying to capture the essence of a thing. I think it's difficult to do well. I was glad to do these in the midst of the grey months because the flowers inspired me. I think the tulip photo is my favorite. Tulips have such a delicate curve and I think the photo captures that.  Wherever you are, dear ones,  I hope this bit of green will help tide you over until spring.