Rosegolden Flowers / Holly Carlisle Photography Rosegolden Flowers /  Holly Carlisle Photography

Rosegolden Flowers / Holly Carlisle Photography

For whatever reason, I think most florists have favorite flowers to work with and flowers they prefer not to work with. Until this week I just really had a problem with lilies and eucalyptus. I just couldn't get into them. Every time I'd see them at the market I'd just think - Ivana Trump/Miami Vice - gag. Not sure where that particular association developed but for some reason it did and I just found those items to be super dated and off-putting. But sometimes, I'm learning as an artist, you have to push.

Push yourself to work with new materials. Push yourself to find beauty in unlikely places. Push yourself to get over your own prejudices. So I did just that. I pushed.

I drive by a eucalyptus tree almost every day in my neighborhood and I love that tree. I love it's color and structure and the way it stands out against all the yellow green trees and shrubs that surround it. So I decided to buy some at my wholesale flower market and push myself to incorporate it into my orders for the week. As for the lilies, I must say they grew on me when I found them on sale at 3 bunches for $12 at the grocery store. I figured I'd try them and if I didn't like them, I'd only be out 12 bucks so no biggie, as Elle Woods would say (love her by the way).

Anyway, LOVE the way the lilies feel with the poke weed berry and celosia (another flower I've been a little unenthused about working with as it looks a bit like a brain of a fuchsia alien). But I think with flowers it's all about the varieties being complimentary  to one another in a way that makes the eye want to move from one flower to the next and to the next. That's important in any art form - creating a piece that makes the eye want to travel and explore. Enjoy.