Lest We Forget

Rosegolden Flowers / Holly Carlisle Rosegolden Flowers / Holly Carlisle

Rosegolden Flowers / Holly Carlisle

My mother asked me to make this wreath in memory of her mother, Jean Hoffman Farmer, who died on September 6, 1974, two years before I was born. We made an interesting day of it, first tending to the plot which gets a little overgrown with crab grass and other weeds. After placing the wreath, my mom took a moment to talk about what it was like to know her mother. I wish I could have. After that, we went by my great aunt Sazza's house.

Sazza and my mother are really into history, specifically family history. My mom had some discoveries to share with Sazza and likewise, Sazza had something to share with us. She pulled out the family bible...let me pause here and say that Sazza is 96 and the family bible is about the size of a 1980 microwave and probably weighs even more than that. Anyway, as she's never appeared to me to have aged in almost any way whatsoever, she had no trouble hauling that tomb out and finding a page where her family members had recorded exactly how the family had made its way to Alabama.

Here is my favorite part:

The said Walter Hoffman, father Henry Arthur Hoffman, came to Alabama from Charleston, SC in 1844 on a bay horse named Kitty Morgan.

Lest we forget Kitty Morgan! Or her beautiful brown bay coat... I see now where I get some of my attention to detail!!! Before you know it, I'm gonna get pulled into this family tree business. Next stop - bird watching.